Is it a bird? Is it a plane? no its SpaceRider! Spread your wings and fly on ‘Skyrider’ – the longest indoor ZipCoaster (think roller coaster and indoor zipline combined into one) in Europe! With the uniqueness of flying through the air in a climbing harness, you really feel the flying, the dipping, and the swooping as you soar above the park.

SpaceRider is a simple but highly addictive thrill ride, giving the rider the unique sensation of flying, with the adrenaline rush of speed whilst swooping round bends on our 130m track. So get ready to feel like your flying through space when you next visit Inflate Space!

Please Note: 

  • This activity is an additional charge of £4 per person per ride (and is not included in the general admission price)
  • This activity has a minimum height requirement of 1.1m, making it great as both an adult zipline and kids zipline (height dependent) activity.

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